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Interrupt The Downward Spiral

  Anxiety is an out of control thought pattern.  It settles over the mind like a severe weather system, spewing thunderclouds and casting lightning bolts.  Life feels like an airplane in a tailspin.  It feeds on what-ifs and worst-case scenarios. What if the Coronavirus is unstoppable.  What if a pandemic takes over?  I’ll be quarantined for weeks! The […]

Moving from Incarnational to On-Line Worship: Some suggestions

  First COVID-19 meant we cancelled gatherings of 500 or more. Then fifty. Then ten. Now some cities are near lockdown. Normally, the church gathers as an expression of our love for God and for one another. But in this moment we must do the opposite—for the same reasons. So, many churches that have never […]

What’s with churches having security teams?

  “We left our former church, in part, because they had a security team with guns!” I was told. I respected their decision and them for following their convictions. The only problem was, we had a security team with men and women carrying guns; they’re just not an “in your face” cowboy type of team. […]

View the Current Pastor Resources Issue

Interrupt The Downward Spiral

Moving from Incarnational to On-Line Worship: Some suggestions

What’s with churches having security teams?



Pastor's Life

Unwrapping Gifts

  God is our gift giver. And all too often we are like hesitant, nervous children, questioning the gifts under the tree. We leave them lying idle, gathering dust. Our Creator, our heavenly Father, the ultimate parent, has lav¬ished on us a generous wide range of incredible gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. There are abilities […]

A man of faithfulness

Shots Fired

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Build a Directory Team


     So, you’ve been handed the job title of “directory administrator.” The job at hand can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially if you feel all the responsibility lies on your shoulders. But this is a great opportunity to remind yourself that you don’t have to go this alone. You can take this project […]

Perfect Church

    We give our money and things when there is a need that we can meet: *Don’t bail out on this when you get angry. Just keep reading and finish it. And then if you are still angry, please reach out and begin a discussion. Contact info is listed at the bottom of the […]

How to Reach Millennials with Your Sermons

Millennials are one of the largest demographic groups in America, yet they are one of the hardest groups for pastors to reach. Barna Group has done some interesting research into what millennials like and dislike about church. Their findings reveal some of the values millennials hold and how pastors can tap into that to engage […]

Another Way to Spell CARE

    The number of blogs and articles related to growing volunteers in the church is simply astounding. Yet, every pastor and church staff member knows that there is no 5-step model, 6 ways, or 3 keys solution to growing volunteers and to exterminating the shortage that is always there. Most anybody who works or […]

Prayer is Not Just for the Spiritually Elite

    For many, a life of prayer and spiritual depth is not for them. It’s not that they do not desire it; it’s that they believe it is out of reach. There’ve been too many false starts in their spiritual life. A lot of well-intentioned declarations of commitment that puttered to stalls and stops. […]

A Short Sermon by the Devil on Improving The Minister’s Image in the Community

    My Fellow Fakers, I have assembled you here today for the purpose of preaching a short sermon on an amazingly effective way to improve the public image of a Christian minister in most communities around the world. This is the day of short sermons, so I will make this short and sweet to […]

Five Christian ways to handle an election year

    You may be a political junkie, searching out every possible partisan nugget in media and among friends, and looking forward to the bare-knuckled skirmishes of the new election year. Or you may find the sharp rhetoric and endless parsing of political points already tiring, and you are dreading nearly a full year of […]

Our God is a Relational God

    Before we can heal the brokenness in the world, we must diagnose the deeper issues of what causes brokenness. We must understand who God is, why He created humankind and what causes people to change. In our new book Becoming Whole: Why the Opposite of Poverty Isn’t the American Dream we will help […]

Humor in the Church

    Believe it or not, this subject has sparked some controversy and theological debate among many pastors and theologians in the past. Some have taken the approach that Christianity is supposed to be a serious endeavor and, therefore, should not include what Paul calls “Crude joking” in Ephesians 5:4. They usually go on to […]

Ignorance is Dominant

    Having just come through the Christmas season I thought it would be a good time to look at an age old debate that always resurfaces during that time. I am speaking of the use of “Xmas” rather than “Christmas”. As any of you who have been in Christianity very long know, this subject […]