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4 Ways to Thrive as a Leader

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Executive pastors hold a unique role in the church. They’re responsible for maintaining and improving church operations, as well as ensuring their church team remains healthy and aligned with their church’s vision. It takes a blend of business acumen and ministry know-how. It’s a challenging position. As you know, Executive pastors have to advocate for […]

Four Phrases Every Pastor Should Say Every Sunday

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There’s something powerful about repetition. Doing the same thing day in and day out. Over time habits start to form, and those habits play a big role in our lives. If you have good habits, your life tends to go well. If you have bad habits, your life tends to fall apart. In the same […]

10 Preaching Mistakes You Should Avoid

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I always feel a bit awkward giving preachers advice on preaching since I’m an Executive Pastor who only preaches a few times of year, but just hear me out. I’m actually probably more qualified than most people because while you are preaching the messages, I’m in the audience listening to them. And over the years […]

What Christian Theology Has to Do with My Reality

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I was born the day before my father started seminary. My dad loves to quip, “My mentors recommended I not start a family and grad school at the same time, so I started my family on Sunday and seminary on Monday!” It must have been a nightmare at the time, but the fiasco eventually evolved […]

Engage children in worship in 4 simple steps

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“How do we engage children in church?” This age-old question remains paramount for almost every children’s ministry leader, parent and pastor. And if you’ve ever sat up late at night, cutting out the gazillionth piece for some Pinterest craft that seemed like the perfect idea for kids, you may have found yourself thinking, “Is this […]

Understanding the Purpose of Submitting to Sound Biblical, Ethical, and Spiritual Leadership

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One significant responsibility every Christian has is to submit to the established spiritual authority that God has set over him or her. It’s a very simple recipe, if followed. However, one reason why so many bad things happen to so many Christians is that they don’t possess a biblical perspective or understanding of the purpose […]

Motivated To Missions? …Or Not?

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Are you self-motivated? Are you the type that wakes up without an alarm clock to go read the Bible and exercise before the day even begins? Are you the type whose just always cleaned the bedroom before mom had to ask? Are you the type who seeks out new job opportunities without waiting for the […]

Why I Hate John 3:16

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John 3:16 is arguably the most familiar verse in the Bible. It seems everywhere you look there is a sign with this verse on it. Most sporting events will have at least one person setting in the stands with this verse in large letters on a poster board. “So, is that a bad thing?” Absolutely […]

A Life of Listening

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That year when my mother left us could have been a terribly lonely time as I finished my first year of high school. But I had friends, especially Danny Goldsmith, whom I had known since fifth grade when we traded postage stamps. Danny and I would walk home from high school together. Sometimes I’d play […]