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8 Ways Churches Can Welcome Well

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Attending church can be the loneliest event of the week for new visitors longing for connection. When my family moved from Chicago to Colorado, we visited nearly twenty churches in three years. (We considered starting a collection of church mugs from welcome tables.) Yet we often left church feeling more isolated than we did when […]

This is your wake-up call…

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beep…Beep…BEEP! Your alarm clock goes off. Do you… __groan and go back to sleep? __press the snooze button? __get up ready for action? How does your answer mirror your reaction to what’s happening to the church today? Well, we just got a wake-up call: According to a recent Gallup poll, for the first time in […]


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My mother chuckled as she penned her poem, a parody of “The Church in the Wildwood,” entitled, “The Wild Woods in the Church.” In our small congregation, three separate and unrelated Wood families occupied the pews. While the other two Wood families consisted of only a few folks, my father’s family influence spread across several […]

When Church Conflict Happens QA

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You write that conflict is something to be expected as part of our human experience—that wherever there are human relationships, sooner or later, there is conflict. What makes conflict that happens in a church more complicated than conflict in other contexts? Most organizational conflicts tend to be complex because of the different levels from which […]

Chicken Little

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In the story of Chicken Little, an acorn falls on the head of a young chicken, causing him to panic, feeling that the sky itself is falling. Armed with this myth, Chicken Little sets off to systematically convince his friends that the world is ending. Each friend agrees to join the mission until eventually they […]

I Considered Your Church, And Passed

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Isn’t one of a pastor’s unspoken fears that lurking about in the community are unknown people who have given your church—the place you sacrificially pour out your soul to grow—a preliminary examination and decided visiting wasn’t worth the bother? Ouch, that’s harsh! We can write off guests preferring a denomination of a different stripe. That’s […]

Announcements, Bulletins, and When to Say No

Chelsey Buttrey
“Can you announce that the mission team is having a barbeque fundraiser this Saturday? The ladies quilting group won’t be able to meet next week either. Make sure to get that in the bulletin. Oh and by the way, last Sunday you forgot to mention that the Richardsons had their new baby here for the […]