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What’s with churches having security teams?

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  “We left our former church, in part, because they had a security team with guns!” I was told. I respected their decision and them for following their convictions. The only problem was, we had a security team with men and women carrying guns; they’re just not an “in your face” cowboy type of team. […]

Vocational Pain: It will take you out!

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  You’re a pastor. You have been faithful in the Christian disciplines you preach and teach. You have seen God’s hand move in miraculous ways in your life and the lives of others. You may have attained some level of “success” or become a sought-after speaker in your circle of influence. You’ve encouraged others to […]

A Note From Max Lucado COVID-19

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Friends, We find ourselves in a sober moment. These are uncertain times around the world and fears are rising. People who have never felt anxious before are suddenly weighed down with worry and are not sure what to do next. Do you need encouragement right about now? Are you feeling anxious and uncertain? Do you […]

5 Unhealthy Habits for Leaders to Avoid

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   The recently deceased monk Thomas Keating said that to be human is to carry three lifelong needs—the need for approval, the need for security, and the need for control. These needs are not bad; in fact, they are hardwired into our souls by God himself—so that he can meet them personally. It’s when […]

8 Ways Members Can Support a Church Plant

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    If you’re considering planting a new church or prayer group, gaining and maintaining the support of a core group of like-minded people will be very important. My wife and I participated in a church plant some years ago that began in our own home with five like-minded couples having differing complimentary gifts. In […]