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People Over Process – Improving Church Outreach

Pastor Resources
In a recent Pastor Resource’s survey, church leaders responded that outreach is the number one need felt in the church. This need is no surprise since nearly all churches consider themselves dedicated to spreading the word of God and include the term outreach in their mission statement. But why is today’s church falling short in […]

50 Shades of Flourishing

Chelsey Buttrey
The last “Fifty Shades” film grossed more than $500 million worldwide, despite horrible reviews and weak word-of-mouth scores. And now the newest installment in theaters this month may drive the Fifty Shades dynasty into its seventh digit. As Christians, we know God abhors the sorts of practices portrayed in books and films that glamorize sex […]

Healing From The 2016 Election For A Healthy 2017

Chelsey Buttrey
November 8, 2016, brought an end to perhaps the ugliest, most unethical, and most divisive presidential election ever. In fact, I purposely chose to write this article before the election even took place, because I wanted to be clear that no matter the results, the opening statement here still applies. The 2016  election made one […]

How to Shop Like a Christian on Black Friday

Chelsey Buttrey
It has been said that the USA is the only place where people express gratitude on Thanksgiving for all the stuff they have and spend the next day shoving people over to get the stuff they don’t. Sadly, Black Friday is only the beginning. Maybe we won’t fight with another dad for the last pair […]