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A man of faithfulness

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  In 1 Chronicles 11:41, we see Uriah listed as one of David’s “mighty warriors”—the men who “gave his kingship strong support to extend it over the whole land, as the Lord had promised” (verse 10). Uriah was clearly consumed with the purposes of his king, David. He was also consumed with the purposes of […]

Powerful New App

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    Conflict resolution is an interesting idea, but it is often very difficult to achieve. It’s no wonder that so many Christians rightly solicit the wise counsel of their pastor. The only problem with that is that scheduling time with a pastor can be difficult, and often the need for resolution is immediate. What […]

The One and Only

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    When I was a young girl, my dad told me a story about a well. He said, “Human beings are like wells. Every time we interact with someone, we take a little bit of our water to give them something to drink. But over time, if we continue to give from our well […]

Improving Family Relationships: A New Year’s Resolution

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    You’ve heard it said many times before. You’ve likely even said it to yourself. “Don’t sacrifice your family for your ministry.” You know it’s true, but you continue to struggle with the implementation. It’s not just about the preaching and teaching, but about the calls, emails, and text messages that don’t ever seem […]

Good, Better, Best

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Exercising discernment when every choice is a good choice It happens more often than I like to admit. My husband and I will be comparing our schedules, synching our calendars for the upcoming week, when we realize that we’ve got (at least) two important events happening at the same time. Maybe our son’s basketball practice […]