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Five Minutes At A Time

Chelsey Buttrey
by Darlene Franklin, author of The 12-Month Guide to Better Prayer for Women.   How does anyone, whether someone in the highly stressful position of pastor or in the continuing drama of a nursing home, rest in God when drama breaks out? By slaying our dragons, five minutes at a time, that’s how. I learned about […]

Being On Mission On Halloween

Chelsey Buttrey
Dad, what are ghosts? My daughter asked her dad this question one morning before school. When my husband replied that ghosts weren’t real, she quickly responded, “My friend says that ghosts are dead people that come back to life.” It is important to be an example to the young people in your life that are […]

Five Ways to Pray When Your Child Goes Astray

Pastor Resources
How do you trust God and not worry when you see your child start spiraling downward? How can you know when to say something and when to let your child work it out? How can you trust that God ultimately has “good” in mind when it all looks so bad? While writing my book, 10 […]

Why Is It So Hard to Pray With My Spouse?

Chelsey Buttrey
  Admit it. You’d like to be one of those couples that prays together daily, conducts family devotions regularly, and models to others what a spiritual home should look like. But if you’re like us – and most couples we’ve talked to – you’re not quite there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ever be. […]

Families Need Your Forgiveness

Chelsey Buttrey
Late to church again, Jared and Ashley found a parking spot and rushed inside with their toddler and second grader. After stopping at the restroom, checking into Sunday school, and waiting for the ushers to allow latecomers to be seated, dad and mom plopped down in the back of the sanctuary with one prayer in […]

Parent First, Pastor Second

Chelsey Buttrey
Years ago, you chose to answer God’s call of ministry in your life and to become a pastor. And your wife either chose to encourage you to step into full-time ministry or she chose to marry you knowing that was where you were heading or already were. But your children . . . they didn’t […]

Hey, Pastor. Who’s Looking Out for YOUR Marriage?

Chelsey Buttrey
As a pastor, it could be said that your job boils down to one simple word: relationships. First and foremost, the personal relationships that those in your church and community have with Jesus. The relationships built between the individual members of your church body—how they live life together and work together for the unified purpose […]

The Art of Parenting Little Girls

Chelsey Buttrey
The National Study of Youth and Religion[1] indicates that 82% of children raised by parents who talked about faith at home attach great importance to their beliefs and were active in church as adults. Similar studies and surveys show that intentional parenting children in faith matters. Yet John Trent surveyed hundreds of parents and discovered […]