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10 Preaching Mistakes You Should Avoid

Chelsey Buttrey
I always feel a bit awkward giving preachers advice on preaching since I’m an Executive Pastor who only preaches a few times of year, but just hear me out. I’m actually probably more qualified than most people because while you are preaching the messages, I’m in the audience listening to them. And over the years […]

A Life of Listening

Chelsey Buttrey
That year when my mother left us could have been a terribly lonely time as I finished my first year of high school. But I had friends, especially Danny Goldsmith, whom I had known since fifth grade when we traded postage stamps. Danny and I would walk home from high school together. Sometimes I’d play […]

We Were Created For Worship

Chelsey Buttrey
I notice that when I put on praise and worship music and spend some time listening and singing the words, and take time to focus on God and thank Him for loving me and for all of His countless blessings in my life, it changes my whole day for the better. I think I know […]

Evil Has a Strategy and So Should We

Pastor Resources
I often find myself saddened and frustrated as I watch the news. Hearing the news of shootings, burnings of churches, human trafficking, death, disease and disorder is heart breaking. The more I hear these stories the more I am reminded that the pain and trails of this life are not mistakes. They don’t just happen. […]

This is your wake-up call…

Pastor Resources
beep…Beep…BEEP! Your alarm clock goes off. Do you… __groan and go back to sleep? __press the snooze button? __get up ready for action? How does your answer mirror your reaction to what’s happening to the church today? Well, we just got a wake-up call: According to a recent Gallup poll, for the first time in […]

The Power of Praise!

Pastor Resources
This is something we are super passionate about in Planetshakers, and something that Ps Russell and Sam Evans are always teaching and showing us. It’s something they have carried to a generation. I can honestly say, that it was as a young person going to Planetshakers Conferences, that I personally learned the power of praise. […]

Quiet Time? Haaahhhhhhh

Pastor Resources
Quiet times, huh? Does that phrase instantly make you feel guilty, like you don’t do enough when it comes to your spiritual life? There are two opposing lies about quiet times, and both can drag us down:   It’s the law. It’s optional.   You might be assuming that one of these has to be […]

When Sacred Space Intersects Secular Space

Pastor Resources
Driving down “church row” in small city USA, I would often wonder why we don’t fill our sacred spaces with the secular during the week in response to our call to reach our community. Seeing all of that space available and going unused always bothered me. Some churches have embraced the idea of community space […]
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