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Build a publication from the ground up.

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Have you ever had to start a church newsletter from scratch? If not, you may face that challenge someday. Maybe you’ll accept a job at a church that’s never had a newsletter. Or a publication might become so outdated that church leaders ask you to start over. Or a ministry or program within your church […]

Read this Before You Go Live on Facebook

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There are now over 2.2 billion Facebook users across the world. A staggering number, and one that continues to grow year after year. If you’re doing ministry in a small town or rural setting, it may have taken a little longer for the Facebook craze to hit, but at this point I think we can […]

5 Steps to Growing Your Facebook Audience

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Have you been on Facebook for a while but your ministry page seems to have slow growth? Are you stuck at 1k followers? Are you posting content consistently but not seeing much engagement? Well in this guide we layout 5 Steps to help you grow your Facebook Audience.   Step 1: Know Who You Want […]

5 Reasons Pastors Struggle with Facebook

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Have you been on Facebook for over a year but yet you only have under 1000 followers? Are you posting content 2-3 times a day but yet your engagement is low? Do you have a huge following but your content isn’t getting many likes? You are probably making 1 of these 5 mistakes that a […]

The Power of Live Stream

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We live in a very digital world and if your church or ministry is anywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and all the other social media networks you know that these platforms offer live stream. Live Stream is a feature that allows you to stream your content onto social media platforms. If the live stream feature […]