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Unlocking the Joy of Giving in Your Congregation

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Giving is the fruit of a discipled believer. The amount may be limited by circumstances, but not by the lack of an uncomplicated and generous heart. Just like every ministry, a church must be built upon a solid foundation. The cornerstone is Jesus and we anchor the ministry structure on Him. He keeps the plumb-line […]

The Most Underrated Mission Field in America

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When we talk about areas in need of gospel-centered churches, American church leaders usually focus on secularized areas where Christianity is uncommon, unpopular, or unheard of altogether. We think of places where churches are not found on every corner, and where high school football games do not begin with the local youth minister saying an […]

Praying for Your Missionary

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Why a Book on Praying for Missionaries? I’ve been in pastoral ministry for over twenty-three years now, spanning four countries—America, Canada, Australia, and South Korea. So I know how hard, lonely, and challenging being a pastor can be. I grew up thinking pastors didn’t have the same kind of struggles that “regular” people had, but […]

Time to Simplify!!!!

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Let’s face it…life is complicated! The more advanced our society becomes, the more complicated every single thing has become. Oh, yes, there are many who will tell us how these gadgets and systems are making life easier. Perhaps there is some validity to that, but about the time one has spent two hours on the […]