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4 Ways to Thrive as a Leader

Chelsey Buttrey
Executive pastors hold a unique role in the church. They’re responsible for maintaining and improving church operations, as well as ensuring their church team remains healthy and aligned with their church’s vision. It takes a blend of business acumen and ministry know-how. It’s a challenging position. As you know, Executive pastors have to advocate for […]

Confessions of an Angry Pastor

Chelsey Buttrey
Augustine’s Confessions was the very first Western autobiography. Countless others have followed. The newest is by Brent C. Hofer. Brent, what’s it about? As pastors, it’s not enough for us to manage anger. Recovery is possible. I’m living proof. Confessions of an Angry Man is my redemptive story. You were a pastor for three decades. […]

Preventing Pastoral Stress and Burnout

Pastor Resources
Serving the local church as a pastor is a calling, and on the best days, there’s nothing more fulfilling than leading a congregation into deeper relationship with God. But, on other days, we pastors face challenges that are unique to our individual callings as we wear the mantle of responsibility and bear the weight of […]

Are You a Disquieted Pastor?

Pastor Resources
It happened again this past Monday. A dedicated, hard-working veteran pastor told me about the problems within his church. He listed a number of tell-tale markers as he expressed his deep frustrations. When he was done, I paused, noting the pain written across his face. I then asked: “Is it possible that your personal issues […]

7 Ways to Avoid the Summer Slump

Pastor Resources
June 20th is the first day of summer. I can barely contain my excitement. It may sound like I’m being facetious, but that’s not the case. After enduring a spring that was filled with dogwood, blackberry, and cotton britches winters, I’m ready for some warmer weather. Even if that means 90+ degree days and 100% […]

The 95 5 Principle

Pastor Resources
Many years ago when I was in seminary, I was given an assignment to write a research paper on any problem a shepherd (pastor)/staff may face on a regular bases. After several weeks of interviewing multiple shepherds and staff I began to see a pattern emerge that I titled “The 95 5 Principle.”   My […]

5 Myths We Believe That Keep Us From Rest

Pastor Resources
Just like Aretha Franklin so famously sang, “R-E-S-T-I-N-G is supposed to be so good for me, R-E-S-T-I-N-G what’s that? Please help me!” Ok so we all know that The Queen of Soul never quite belted those lyrics, but I have read them in the eyes of countless pastors, mine included. Sometimes it feels like there is just so […]
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