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As a counselor and a student of the Bible over the years, I recognized that there are three kinds of forgiveness: From God From a person you have offended To another person when you have felt offended In this chapter we will share verses about these three distinctives of forgiveness and give you specific language […]

5 Myths We Believe That Keep Us From Rest

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Just like Aretha Franklin so famously sang, “R-E-S-T-I-N-G is supposed to be so good for me, R-E-S-T-I-N-G what’s that? Please help me!” Ok so we all know that The Queen of Soul never quite belted those lyrics, but I have read them in the eyes of countless pastors, mine included. Sometimes it feels like there is just so […]

Unlocking the Joy of Giving in Your Congregation

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Giving is the fruit of a discipled believer. The amount may be limited by circumstances, but not by the lack of an uncomplicated and generous heart. Just like every ministry, a church must be built upon a solid foundation. The cornerstone is Jesus and we anchor the ministry structure on Him. He keeps the plumb-line […]

The Most Underrated Mission Field in America

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When we talk about areas in need of gospel-centered churches, American church leaders usually focus on secularized areas where Christianity is uncommon, unpopular, or unheard of altogether. We think of places where churches are not found on every corner, and where high school football games do not begin with the local youth minister saying an […]

Habits That Transform What Matters Most

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I remember the discussion like it was yesterday. I was sitting with a pastor friend of mine, and we were enjoying a cup of coffee and good conversation. I was expressing my recent ministry struggles and how, as a young pastor and a newly married man, I was feeling “crispy” from the endless demands on […]


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“These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may be in you and your joy may be full.” (John 15:11) The Holy Spirit unites with our spirits the moment we receive Jesus as our Lord and savior. Because of this union, we can’t help but feel what the Holy Spirit within us is […]

We Need to Talk about Self-Control

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I know what happens when you mention self-control. It’s like sucking the oxygen out of a room. When I told people that I was writing a book on the topic, I heard a lot of sighs and groans. “Oh yeah, I should be better 
about that,” they would say, their
 voices tinged with defeat. Most […]
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