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The Perfect Church Part 1

Chelsey Buttrey
The one phrase I’ve been told over and over and over again throughout my time in the church world is: “There is no perfect church.” I hate this statement; passionately hate it when people say this to me. Why? Because it makes us sound lazy. It allows us to make excuses. And it’s wrong. There […]

Budget Blunders

Chelsey Buttrey
Whether your church has sixty-five people or sixty-five hundred, money matters. Even so, many pastors tell me that they find budgeting to be—at best—a necessary-but-distracting process. I’ve never heard a young pastoral candidate confide that the initial draw to ministry was the joy of managing resources. You know how divisive talking about gathering, stewarding, and […]

Please Don’t Ask Me To Tithe

Pastor Resources
There is no subject in the modern day church more polarizing than tithing. Even the very mention of the word brings strong emotional responses from both ministers and members. No one seems to be opposed to its validity, only its necessity.   Most group discussions on this issue will conclude that the Bible teaches us […]

The Beautiful and Terrifying Silence You Need

Pastor Resources
Tramping through the snow, I stop for a moment. Everything around me is perfectly still. Only my footprints break the surface of the pure, white snow, and even these are behind me and out of sight. As far as my eyes can see, the world is untouched, asleep. The slumbering trees are soundless, with no […]

The View from Rock Bottom

Pastor Resources
When a friend of mine received a difficult diagnosis, she chose to share it on Facebook as she tried to process her feelings. She was grappling with her new reality: At barely 21 years of age she had a chronic, incurable condition, one that meant coping with daily pain and a gradually worsening disability for […]

Single and Looking for a Church Home

Pastor Resources
It’s not always easy to love those who are different, those we don’t understand, or those with whom we can’t relate. But if the church is going to win the lost, we first have to find a way to reach them. And to make them feel at home. It’s not just those outside the church […]
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