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Five Christian ways to handle an election year

Chelsey Buttrey
    You may be a political junkie, searching out every possible partisan nugget in media and among friends, and looking forward to the bare-knuckled skirmishes of the new election year. Or you may find the sharp rhetoric and endless parsing of political points already tiring, and you are dreading nearly a full year of […]


Pastor Resources
    Before we can heal the brokenness in the world, we must diagnose the deeper issues of what causes brokenness. We must understand who God is, why He created humankind and what causes people to change. In our new book Becoming Whole: Why the Opposite of Poverty Isn’t the American Dream we will help […]

Ignorance is Dominant

Pastor Resources
    Having just come through the Christmas season I thought it would be a good time to look at an age old debate that always resurfaces during that time. I am speaking of the use of “Xmas” rather than “Christmas”. As any of you who have been in Christianity very long know, this subject […]

Sacred Endurance

Pastor Resources
    The trashcan was full of CDs, and I was convinced it was for the best. It was a small act, really, but one that was significant to this music-loving gal. A year or so after I became a Christian at twenty-three, I had thrown all of my CDs in the trash. I would […]

Why do I sing?

Pastor Resources
    I enjoy singing. It’s fun. It’s been a big part of my life and I take satisfaction in using it to express my heart and as a tool to explore my relationship with God. It’s good for me. But that’s not why I sing. Singing connects people. It’s an activity we do together […]

She Rises Late and Her Kids Make Her Breakfast

Pastor Resources
    It’s Not Gossip If Your Head Is Bowed Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless. —James 1:26 I love catching my mother in sin. One time I heard her on the phone with a friend talking about […]

Seven People You Should Fire Right Now

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  I’ve been pretty lucky in ministry. Over the years I’ve only had to fire a handful of staff and volunteers. It’s the least enjoyable part of my job but also one of the most important. And if you’re a pastor, it’s one of your most important jobs. Allowing a person to continue in a […]

Why I Stopped Preaching Doctrine

Pastor Resources
    I was saved as a teenager in the mid-seventies in a small church in a small town in southwest Missouri. Almost immediately I was taught doctrine. Even before I really knew what it was. The English word “doctrine” derives from the old Latin word “doctor” which simply meant “teacher.” Later Latin saw the […]