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Prayer is Not Just for the Spiritually Elite

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  For many, a life of prayer and spiritual depth is not for them. It’s not that they do not desire it; it’s that they believe it is out of reach. There’ve been too many false starts in their spiritual life. A lot of well-intentioned declarations of commitment that puttered to stalls and stops. Humming […]

8 Ways Members Can Support a Church Plant

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    If you’re considering planting a new church or prayer group, gaining and maintaining the support of a core group of like-minded people will be very important. My wife and I participated in a church plant some years ago that began in our own home with five like-minded couples having differing complimentary gifts. In […]

What Scripture Says About Women and Authority

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    While there are several levels to calling and various ways God can extend a leadership call, nowhere does the Bible teach that either gifts or secondary callings are bestowed according to gender. In fact, women preached, prophesied, and led in both the Old and New Testaments . . . sometimes over men. (See the examples […]

Five Christian ways to handle an election year

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    You may be a political junkie, searching out every possible partisan nugget in media and among friends, and looking forward to the bare-knuckled skirmishes of the new election year. Or you may find the sharp rhetoric and endless parsing of political points already tiring, and you are dreading nearly a full year of […]