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Interrupt The Downward Spiral

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  Anxiety is an out of control thought pattern.  It settles over the mind like a severe weather system, spewing thunderclouds and casting lightning bolts.  Life feels like an airplane in a tailspin.  It feeds on what-ifs and worst-case scenarios. What if the Coronavirus is unstoppable.  What if a pandemic takes over?  I’ll be quarantined for weeks! The […]

What’s with churches having security teams?

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  “We left our former church, in part, because they had a security team with guns!” I was told. I respected their decision and them for following their convictions. The only problem was, we had a security team with men and women carrying guns; they’re just not an “in your face” cowboy type of team. […]

Getting Guests Back

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Easter is coming! You’ve been exhorting, imploring, and challenging your congregation to invite about everyone attend your Easter service. The guests are on the way. Your congregants will be on their best behavior. The church is looking nice. The service is planned in detail. The guest gift bags are filled and waiting at the Info […]


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“Why should I be afraid?” Israel’s King David once asked. I could give him plenty of reasons, from a pulmonary embolism that could have taken my life to a succession of less threatening but still uncomfortable and debilitating ailments, most recently the need for cataract surgery. Instead of worry, I decided to arm myself with […]

Man, the Glory Mirror

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Man was created to worship God’s glory, and we saw in that earlier list of experiences that our appetite for God’s glory is one of the most foundational motives in our lives. We have longings. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from the animals. But here’s another thing that sets us apart […]

Missions with Accent

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Yes, it may indeed be difficult to learn a foreign language, but one thing that English does not have is accent marks! Although English doesn’t really like to obey all the rules, English-speaking learners of other languages find those accent marks to be rather pesky. What part do they play anyway? Those who are learning […]

God and the Experience of God

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I google the word “prayer” And there I am, Hands raised, Eyes closed, Silhouetted Against a backdrop Of God’s warm and welcoming glory. Clicking through these search results might get me re-thinking my prayer life a bit. Perhaps my prayers are lacking because my arms aren’t raised high enough. Or maybe I’m not holding them […]


Chelsey Buttrey
CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE HINDRANCES TO GODLY THINKING Part 7 So far in our series on changing our thoughts in order to change our life we have talked about several dynamics that can help us grow spiritually or hinder us:  the importance of our thoughts, the role of forgiveness, the power of choice, […]