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What It Takes to Be Fully Engaged

Chelsey Buttrey
Every pastor who wants fully engaged board members, staff and church members need to ask three probing questions. Do I understand the Greatest Commandment and take it seriously? Do I understand that I can love God wholeheartedly only if I have received, embraced, and cherished His deep love for me? Do I understand that I can love […]

7 Reasons to Thank God for Unanswered Prayer

Chelsey Buttrey
Do you know what it’s like to continually wait on God for an answer to your prayer? Maybe someone you minister to is struggling with the fact that they’ve been praying and God hasn’t been answering. I’m a firm believer that God knows exactly what He’s doing when He says “no” to our prayers, when […]

Q & A with Joel Smallbone of For King & Country

Chelsey Buttrey
Joel Smallbone of the Grammy and Dove Award-winning For King & Country recently had a conversation with Pastor Resources to share about one of the group’s latest projects the Priceless DVD/Blue-ray release from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The DVD follows a Grammy-nominated song, a novel and a major motion picture of the same title. Q: […]

Five Ways to Pray When Your Child Goes Astray

Pastor Resources
How do you trust God and not worry when you see your child start spiraling downward? How can you know when to say something and when to let your child work it out? How can you trust that God ultimately has “good” in mind when it all looks so bad? While writing my book, 10 […]

Church-Wide Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Party

Chelsey Buttrey
One of the most difficult segments of people to reach are new visitors to a church. At our church, we do the best we can to make new visitors feel welcome by implementing the “First Five” after church. This is where regular attendees spend the first five minutes after the church service introducing themselves to […]

Resurrection Day In The Muslim World

Chelsey Buttrey
  I was a pastor for 20 years before God called me to launch into missions in the volatile Muslim world. It was three months before September 11, 2001, and if I’d known what was coming, I might’ve asked God to send me to South America instead. You can imagine the flak that my wife […]

The Vital Role Of Elderly in Church Growth

Dave Wike
In at least some ways, we are probably all guilty of telling ourselves that in order to best grow our church and impact the community, we need to be focusing on the younger generations and future generations to come. It’s this focus that affects our sermon topics, our preaching styles, our worship music, our outreaches, […]

Gossip in the Church

Chelsey Buttrey
Have you ever played the gossip game? This game has been around for a long time—probably because of how well it illustrates the effect of gossiping. I remember a particular Vacation Bible School when the youth class played this game. The teacher began by whispering the sentence “Donnie went fishing” into the ear of one […]