Cocaine Trafficking, Heroin, and the Grace of God

Dave Wike
If you feel you’ve walked too far from God, trust and know that you can never go too far from God’s love and salvation. James Sizemore, pastor of Radiant Church, shares his redemption story of drugs, trafficking, and addiction and how through God’s grace, he and Radiant Church are ministering to the people who need […]

Pastor John Iskat on Living Through a Church Split

Dave Wike
Often Christians step down from a calling before seeing God accomplish his will, as the pain and suffering that usually come first are too much to bear. Facing a church split and several years of turmoil and ministry stress, Pastor John Iskat of Faith Baptist Church suffered mentally and physically. Refusing to quit, he ultimately […]

Pastor Derwin Gray Wrestles with Modern Evangelicalism

Dave Wike
Why is the church the most segregated place on earth? Why are there celebrity pastors? How do you reconcile the business principles that often overshadow the Gospel of the church? How do you deal with doubt, disillusionment, and disappointment as a pastor of the church? God in his providence used football to lead Pastor Derwin […]