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Pastor Davey Blackburn: Working Through Unthinkable Grief & Loss


Just when Pastor Davey Blackburn and his wife were beginning to experience traction in their new ministry at Resonate Church, unthinkable tragedy struck. Davey shares his story of grief and loss and how God is working through his story and bringing revival, working miracles, and showing His amazing grace.


This PastorLife.com interview was sponsored by Grief Share.


  1. Very touched by these God given words of wisdom. Haven’t experienced this kind of loss but I can relate to loss. The loss of my mom . The loss of life events . I know that feeling of hopelessness and wanting so badly for things to change. I am touched by your openness to give it all over to God. Prayers for you and for God to continue giving you comfort in your loss. You have spoken from your heart and may God bless you and your ministry and your son.

  2. 212w.3rdst.So sorry for your loss Pastor .I lost my Husband Oct.1st 2015 of cancer ,yours was unexpected ,mine knew it was coming .But I know one thing God has been there with peace and getting me through lonliness at night .And it seems like people are so busy they don’t have time for you. But God’s there . Your going be ok ,keep busy serving God and taking care of your child .Your a young good looking man ,with God and someday he will full fill another love for you and your baby. But now stand firm in Jesus and let him guide you daily . He’s my best friend. He gave me a peace undescribable. You take care and again very sorry for your loss ,i hope they caught whoever did this . Be blessed . ps yes the loniness is the worst ,but he will get us through each day .Amen.

  3. “My, my biggest struggle, through this season, has been loneliness, because, for me, I lost, my, life partner, my best friend, my ministry partner, my lover. All of those things, and there’s so many different facets of who Amanda was for me, that now that’s gone, and I…” Me, me, me, I, my, me, me, I … Amanda lost her LIFE. Your SON lost his MOTHER.

  4. I lost my son on 9/22/15 he fell off a ladder after having a seizure he was living his dream in Nashville and was only 28 I have great faith as my dad was my Pastor most of my life, and Gary is in Heaven. Please pray for my daughter Rachel they were so very close and shes having a very hard time.

  5. Davey’s willingness to share about his very personal and real pain is powerful and revival will continue to touch the lives of others not only in Indy but from Indy to cities across the US to cities across the world. With technology it is easy now and will become easier to save and share his message in many kinds of formats to many diverse people from different cultures who speak and live differently from each other and this message will expand and thru this Davey’s story he will be the hands and feet of Jesus to both the lovely and the unlovely – the rich and the poor- all colors and races from white Anglosaxon to a dark skinned African to a Hispanic mother carrying a water jug on her head at the same time she’s carrying and balancing a set of twins on her hips! God didn’t want to keep Davey’s Blackburn and the tragedy and pain he faced to be wasted away after a few days but he wants Davey’s message from the heart to go wide and far across the globe!


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