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Pastor Derwin Gray Wrestles with Modern Evangelicalism


Why is the church the most segregated place on earth? Why are there celebrity pastors? How do you reconcile the business principles that often overshadow the Gospel of the church? How do you deal with doubt, disillusionment, and disappointment as a pastor of the church?

God in his providence used football to lead Pastor Derwin Gray to Christ. This faith in Christ led to an evangelical outreach ministry and later the opening of Transformation Church in Charlotte, NC. Here, Pastor Gray shares his struggles with the confusing messages pastors face in today’s ministry environment.


  1. Its hard for pastors today they need help,when moses was overwhelm, with the caring of all the people, god want Ed him to choose men to help oversee the people,which he did, when things start to overtake you,go to prayer and ask god for help,in this day and age we need to rely on him more,we can have as much of god as we want


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